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What is Underneath the Struggle?

Do you understand that your anger and struggles usually comes from feeling hurt? That's right we feel hurt and quickly ratchet it up to anger. Often if we will take a small time out and identify the hurt, we can save ourselves a fall-out, and every fall-out saved is a bond strengthened.

When you get angry and frustrated attempt to get to the heart of how you feel: burdened, unsupported, or incompetent and incapable of making your partner happy? This can provide clues for what is triggering about your conversations and how these conversations quickly get derailed. No one can find the sources of these triggers that represent broken places in your life, but you. You can always go to therapy, but that takes a great deal of time and money. So what is the inexpensive, easy and effective way? Look into the online relationship course: If you can avoid the yelling, of course, that might sound dramatic but arguments can get pretty dramatic because of the meaning we might not understand is underneath them. You see, as human beings, we are meaning making machines. We can make meaning out of a look, a shrug, a grunt, whatever, we can make meaning out of it. We can upset ourselves with meaning that our partners often didn’t mean (pun intended). A five-minute cool down is always better than lunging into battle-mode. Or even better yet, spending five minutes each day learning to understand ourselves and our partner and how to better communicate, listen and express our love to them is even better. So check out: and look into the online relationship course that can strengthen, enhance and heal your relationship.

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