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Are You Struggling in a Toxic Relationship?

Are you struggling and feel like you are in an impossible situation? Do you believe that you are in an abusive or toxic relationship? Do you feel you are losing control and don't know where to turn?

Here are the first four things for you to do:

  1. Reach out for Help - Professional, family, church, friends

  2. Get Safe -Where can you (and your children) go to feel safe?

  3. Seek Advice - From people who have been through the experience of feeling unsafe and living in a toxic relationship.

  4. Build a Support System - Ask for help and guidance.

Find the help you need at the Luxury Relationship Help Healing Resort, where you can experience and enjoy individual and couples private counseling intensives.  Executive director, relationship, communication and personality expert Dawn Billings will focused on your specific, and challenging issues as she shares her over 45 years of experience, knowledge, guidance and heart felt wisdom and customizes each intensive for YOU, your challenges, your personality tendencies and your needs.

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A Personal Note from Dawn:

The Relationship Help Resort (also know as The Relationship Healing Resort) was created out of extraordinary relational technology. After many years of feeling hopeless, angry, confused, frustrated, resentful and a complete relational failure, I was desperate to understand why relationships fail. Well, I found the answer and out of those answers, I created a relationship and communication technology that transformed my relationships, and thousands of relationships since then. This unique and insightful technology is easy-to-understand and implement, and provides real answers to finding personal and professional insight that directly lead to relational joy, peace and happiness. 

I am the first one to admit that relationships are difficult to manage and maintain. I understand first-hand what tears marriages apart. Although I have been an advocate for marriage for over forty-five years, I remember all too well when my marriage begin to fall apart.  I was married for twenty years. But then sadly, went through a divorce (a long story similar to anyone who is struggling in their relationship), but that fueled the fire within me to dedicate myself to understanding the root causes of the discontent, resentment, bitterness that ultimately leads too many relationships to die and too many couples to divorce. 


I researched diligently, studied unceasingly, and created a way to help people fall in love once again by understanding the causes of relational destruction and finding the solution. After ten years of being divorced, I used these same powerful secrets to recreate and save my marriage. Yes, after ten years, my husband, and father of my children, and I remarried. The second time I said "I DO" I had a much better understanding of what I was saying and that is why the second time married is thousands of times better than the first. I will happily share these amazing relationship healing secrets with you.

Now you can choose to attend the Relationship Help Resort with Dawn Billings in person, or you can take advantage of her over forty-years of experience working with individuals and couples to enhance or heal your relationship from the comfort of your own home with Relationship Help At Home, a 26-week relationship curriculum designed to help you gain amazing insight into yourself and your partner, teach you effective communication skills, and introduce you to the six killers of relationships, but most importantly, guides you as to how nurture and breathe new life into your struggling relationships.

Couples Counseling Facts

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1. Don’t wait until your marriage is hanging by its last thread to consider getting help.

If your marriage is hanging by a thread, do not stop, do not pass go, pack your clothes and get here fast. Too many couples choose to do nothing to strengthen their relationship until they’re either on the verge of divorce or have already made the decision to leave the relationship and need a way to actualize it. The Relationship Help Resort couple's retreat can give you a final opportunity to save your broken relationship, but attend before you are standing on your last leg. Think about a marriage retreat the way you would about adding more vegetables to your diet or beginning to exercise to strengthen your endurance and muscle mass. Think about taking time for a relationship help couple's retreat while you are not at your wits end because it is genuinely good for your ongoing relationship health.

2. What the heck does it mean to communicate anyway? 

Most of the time relationship problems are not created by a lack of communication, but by communication that is more damaging than it is beneficial. Couples most often are in need of a “new, more positive” way to communicate. Most relationship problems stem from couples continuing to communicate in ways that push each other away, hurt one another’s feelings, demean or belittle one another, frustrate and enrage one another, instead of bringing them closer together.


When you stay at the Relationship Help Resort, you remove yourself from your normal environment. In this way, you give yourselves a fabulous luxury weekend to learn a new way to communicate by understanding your personality tendencies and appreciating what each of you bring to your relationship. How can you expect to communicate lovingly and effectively if you don’t even understand the principles behind great communication. The goal is to “communicate where each partner feels heard and understood." It is only then that  you can begin to get to the root of problems.


3. There is no ‘magic pill’ that fixes relationships.

Many issues that bring couples to to their knees are not easily fixed with a magic pill. Healing requires time, effort, heart, compassion and dedication. If betrayal is an issue, your families are experiencing problems, you don’t see eye-to-eye on parenting styles, or your anger has stolen your feelings of passion, you can’t heal these issues overnight. But you can begin the healing process. Understand that healing is a process, and a very natural one at that. The good news is that human beings are made to heal. It is one of the miracles of being human. We fall down, break a bone, burn our hand on the stove, cut ourselves with a knife, our bodies are made to begin the healing process. It is in the process that we rebuild even stronger from whatever the break. A couples luxury healing retreat can help you begin the powerful process of healing instead of staying stuck in the cycle of re-inflicting, or enflaming old relational wounds.


4. WHY we don’t spend most of our time on the “why” of issues.

Instead of focusing all of our time and energy on “Why do you always do this, why he never does that? At the Relationship Help Resort couples retreat we also focus on heavily on the “HOW & WHAT”. How do you communicate in a way that strengthens your bond and helps you genuinely love and understand one another?” “What are the steps to healing the broken pieces of your hearts?”

Often, couples get stuck in their desire to ‘be right’. They want to tell their side of a story over and over, placing blame and fault where they believe it belongs. In my experience as a couple’s coach and counselor I have found that there is always enough fault to go around and that it is easy to sink into the pit of despair of past hurts. Instead at the Relationship Help Resort couples retreat we spend most of the time working out a step-by-step plan for the future, rather than continuing to dunk one another in the quicksand created by the pain of the past.  That is why we begin with a fun and interesting new way to see yourselves and those you want to love before we launch into already chewed up narratives that bring you nothing but sadness, frustration and anger.


5. You won’t emerge from your couple’s retreat with a perfect union.

Perfection doesn’t exist; life is real and full of inherent challenges. Nothing and no one can make your life or your relationship a ‘bed of rose petals’. Even beautiful roses have thorns. The secret to creating a great relationship is learning how to move together through the inevitable ups and downs of life. There are seasons in a relationship and just like the weather, you must know how to appropriately prepare for the cold Winter moments, as well as effortlessly enjoying the beautiful Spring moments.


6. Like all successful games, love has rules.

The rules of love are not there to hinder, burden, or restrict love, they are there to protect,

strengthen and encourage love. Both people in a relationship fare far better when they

know the rules of a game and what actions cause you to win, and what actions are

responsible for losing. At the Relationship Help Resort couple’s retreat there are loving,
respectful and protective ground rules. They are the same rules that protect and strengthen

the relationship after the retreat experience. For example, at the Healing Resort  you find

a safe haven where you are not allowed to physically attack anyone, or even hurt each other

with words. The retreat is not a place where people and relationships are torn apart, but

where they are carefully, lovingly and respectfully woven back together. 


7. Are you doomed if all you do is argue?

No. Couples who are flat and unresponsive and apathetic probably have already given up. If you are arguing, it is the perfect time to seek out a wonderful couples retreat to help you direct that passion in a healthier and more healing way. Realize that if the two of you are still engaged with each other—even if engagement is defined by frustration, confusion, yelling and possible even name calling—you have a real chance (if you want to take advantage of it) to save your marriage.


8. There’s not one, ideal form of couple’s therapy.

Couples counselors come in every gender, every color, from many different schools of thought and with many different approaches. When you are talking about healing a marriage, or strengthening a relationship, one-size does not fit all. That is why the Relationship Help Resort couple's retreat focuses on each unique personality blend and how those personality blends might fit best together. If you have experienced traditional therapy, this is not it. I spent many years in the chair doing traditional work and can tell you that a couple's intensive retreat is so much more powerful, effective, lasting and life-changing. That is why I am spending my last and best years of my life focused on doing them. They work.

Choose to experience The Relationship Help Healing Resort:  As you consider traditional “couples therapy”, and certainly before you end a marriage and tear a family apart; before you give in to your hopelessness, anger, frustration and rage look into the luxury vacation that can transform your relationships. Oh, and did I mention our Relationship Intensives are guaranteed. If you attend an intensive and do not believe  you truly received extraordinary new insights about yourself and others in your life, I will happily refund half of your money. The good news is, that has never happened.

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Excuses, excuses . . . I don't have time. It's too far away. I can't get time off work. I simply can't afford it. Money doesn't grow on trees. What do I do with the kids? What do I do with my dogs? I hate the desert. For that matter, I hate luxury resorts.


Yes, I have heard them all, but I am a problem solver first and foremost so I spent almost five-years developing my new ONLINE relationship, communication and personality training that is full of my best strategies and step-by-step solutions to your relationship issues and challenges AND this program is now available for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. 95% of all couples who get divorced cite "an inability to communicate" as their motivating factor. This 26-week, five minute a day online program will teach you to communicate in powerful, effective, healthy and fulfilling ways.


The Relationship Help at Home Online Relationship and Communication Program provides you with pre-assessments and post-assessments, videos where I (Dawn) is with you in your home training you with forty-five years of expertise and experience while you relax in your comfy clothes, or take the train or subway to work, while you take your daily walk, seriously, anytime that works for you! I know you are busy, so the program is designed to take only five minutes a day. You will simply log in to your account on your phone, tablet or computer and the information you need to transform your relationships in at your fingertips, everyday, and anytime it is convenient. It is even perfect for those nights you can't sleep.


Along with all of the video training, you will also gain access to books and helpful articles, exercises and so much more.

This online marriage, relationship, personality and communication program is like getting a master's degree in what makes relationships strong and connected. But the best news is that it is beyond affordable!  While my couples private intensives

are $7,000 for two days, and well worth it I must say, and my private hourly rate is $199 per 50-minute session, the entire Relationship Help At Home program costs less than having two private sessions with me. Seriously, this is the good news and bad news, I am fast closing in on 70, I have a cargo plane load of amazing information and insights, an extraordinary professional resume, I have written over 15 books and hundreds of articles and I have personally lived through the death and rebirth of my relationship. Trust me. I can help you. So now there is NO excuse for you not to take advantage of this extraordinary program. It's affordable. Only $398 for the entire program! It's brilliant, if I do say so myself. And it is my legacy work. This program answers all of your objections that are keeping you from a terrific, happy, connected relationship. It is the best money you will ever invest in yourself and those you love.

P.S. Do I know many of my pictures on this site are old? Heck yes, but I still remember myself that way. Before I filmed videos, or when stepping out on stage I would ask my sons "How do I look?"  They would smile and answer, "You look INcredible!"  The last time we filmed my youngest son was behind the camera. I said, "Hey, how do I look?" He winked  and answered, "Credible mom. You look so amazingly CREDIBLE."  That might be the truest and best compliment of all. Yes, when you work with me, you'll realize my training is not only brilliant, but I'm funny too.

Are you feeling suffocated with your partner in marriage and don’t want to stay together even for seconds? Many people don’t do anything to save their marriage or relationship as they have already decided to divorce. The Relationship Help Resort Best couples retreat Arizona program allows partners to save their broken relationship by giving them one more chance to each other. It is worth mentioning that you need to consider marriage counseling programs before the condition gets worsens. Marriage Retreat Arizona is an effective retreat as it works in the same way, you add more vegetables to your diet or start exercising to strengthen your body and reduce muscle mass. Thus, in the same way, Couples Retreat Arizona offers a wide variety of benefits, including proper communication, learning better relationship skills, spending quality time on vacations by taking a break from work or home, learn better relationship skills. 

After mutual consent between the partners and therapist, the couple starts weekly therapy sessions. However, the duration of Couples Retreat Arizona may vary depending on the conditions of the partners and the therapist's schedule. The counselor asks personal questions about their physical intimacy, communication, and bond with each other or if any other ongoing issues. 

During the first marriage retreat session, the therapist asked why they in such a condition and check the background information of the relationship. Sometimes couples must fill out a questionnaire before the first session of marriage counseling to check their mental and concentration level. This helps to resolve any previous issues during the initial rounds of retreat sessions. Depending on the condition, your therapist might give you homework that you’ve to complete at home with each other's help. This may vary ranging from reading a chapter of the same marriage to practicing mindfulness or listening exercises.

Struggling in marriage relationships, enroll yourself Online Relationship Course. 



Passionate About Inspiring Others

Dawn Billings is the creator and author of the products and the Executive Director of the Relationship Help Resort (The Healing Resort), architect of the highly acclaimed insight and communication tool called Primary Colors Personality Tests. Dawn is also the author of over 15 books and hundreds of articles.


Dawn is a relationship, personality and communication expert, helping individuals and couples for over forty years. Dawn is an inventor of patented parenting child-development/communication system called CAPABLES and a serial entrepreneur and CEO and founder of several diverse companies.


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