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Dawn Billings is the creator and author of the programs and architect of the highly acclaimed insight and communication tool called Primary Colors Personality Test. Dawn is also the author of over 20 books (see pictures below to see Dawn's books focused on communication, healing relationships and understanding personalities). Dawn is a relationship and communication expert, served in private counseling practice for four decades. Dawn is an inventor of patented parenting child-development/communication system called CAPABLES and an entrepreneur and CEO and founder of several diverse companies, including The Heart Link Women's Network.


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Should I Attend Alone?

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If either you or your spouse doesn’t want to attend the Relationship Help Resort, you’re just like most people (or most couples).  There are many times at The Healing Resort where one or both spouses are hesitant to attend, especially alone. 


That is why the Relationship Help Resort was designed so that whether you come alone or together, what you learn can still definitely heal YOU, heal your marriage, and other relationships that are failing. 


Throughout the Relationship Help Resort, each person works on understanding his or her own personality tendencies, choices and behaviors, especially their extremes. There is no blame or shame. The Relationship Help Resort is about understanding and answers that will help you make much more informed choices about how you want to relate to others in your life in more positive, productive, loving and meaningful ways. 


You will be in a safe place to gain personal insight as to what is tearing your relationship apart. If your spouse doesn't want to come, invite a friend to attend with you.



If your partner does NOT want to attend with you, I highly recommend you make the very brave choice to attend The Healing Resort ALONE, because you will:


  • Learn to understand and manage your personality tendencies

  • Learn to understand your partner's personality tendencies

  • Learn how to change the destructive ways you are currently relating

  • Learn how to communicate powerfully, effectively and respectfully

  • Gain knowledge necessary to understand where your relationship derails

  • Acquire tools to evaluate your behavior and expectations as a spouse

  • Gain knowledge and develop skills necessary to build a strong marital relationship

  • Better understand yourself, your personality tendencies and your wants and needs

  • Become a better, more insightful person and potential partner, no matter what choice you make about your current marriage​

If you don’t take advantage of this great growth and healing opportunity you will:

  • Pass up an opportunity to better understand yourself and your needs and to learn skills that can help you fulfill those needs

  • Miss the opportunity to understand, love and appreciate YOU, and your partner like never before

  • Experience the pain, loss, frustration, hopelessness and struggle you have been experiencing over and over again

  • Your relationship will most likely continue to deteriorate

  • If you divorce, you will likely repeat the same destructive behaviors and mistakes in a new relationship

  • Never understand "What went wrong?" So that you are armed with the information and relationships skills you need to end the relational dysfunction

Retreat Agenda and Important Information

  • Multiple couples (up to 4 couples) Retreat Schedule  - 2 1/2 -day couples retreat. According to your schedule needs, retreat can begin on Friday morning at 8:30 a.m. ending on Sunday mid-morning. Or it can begin on Friday evening at 7 p.m.,  attendees returning home on Sunday late-afternoon. Couples will stay at the resort in our beautiful accommodations. See Retreat Suites above.

  • Retreat Location - Fly into the Phoenix Sky Harbor airport. The resort is approximately 15 miles from the airport. Transportation to the resort will be provided for you, unless you prefer to rent a car.    To learn more about the Resort see map below.

  • Format - The retreat consists of each couple receiving a 1-on-1 private session with Dawn Billings, interactive education (which will be fun and entertaining), couple interaction,  and breakout insight exercises. You will receive reading material before you arrive at the retreat and will be expected to arrive prepared to learn, laugh, and lighten your emotional load that is causing you unhappiness and stress. In addition to the time spent in the workshop, couples have evening assignments in preparation for the next day’s sessions.

  • Frequency of Couple's Retreats - The small group couples retreats are  held a minimum of 4 times a year. (Dawn is also available to be scheduled for a private couples intensive.)

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  • Workshop Assignments - If you are attending a workshop with more than one couple, prior to the start of the workshop, each attendee completes a series of confidential, online assignments, and is asked to read two books. Included are individual behavioral profiles and assessments that become part of the class materials that each couple uses to understand the unique dynamics of their marriage.

  • Trainer - Dawn is a relationship and communication expert and served in private counseling practice for ten years. Dawn is an inventor of a child-development system and CEO and founder of several diverse companies. Dawn Billings is the creator and author of the highly acclaimed insight tool called Primary Colors Personality Test. Dawn has also authored over 20 books. For more information visit:

  • Resources - The workshop utilizes some of the most up-to-date marriage research available, the Primary Colors Personality Insight Tool, along with proven methods for effective, respectful communication, rebuilding trust, mastering anger, successful negotiation and real commitment.
    Each couple will receive a copy of What Went Wrong with Our Relationship: It Started Out So Good, a set of workshop materials, including personality insight and emotional intelligence tools and relationship workbooks

  • Confidentiality - Respecting and protecting each couple’s privacy is of the utmost importance to us. Every workshop is conducted in a safe, non-judgmental and confidential environment. The atmosphere at The Healing Resort is informal but structured so that all the participants are able to learn and interact comfortably. Dawn is committed to attendees having FUN. She believes that everyone learns better in a relaxed, fun environment.

  • Registration Information - Call 602-717-2026 and speak with Dawn Billings personally about what might be the best solution to your marriage issues.