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Marriages and familial relationships are sacred. They are perfect places for us to learn how to love, how to listen and effectively relate, how to better understand, how to honor and support and even how to forgive those who have hurt and disappointed us. But many feel a resistance to seeking traditional therapy because they don't believe it is effective, possibly too intrusive, costly and time consuming. Now your clients and Church members can enjoy a relationship and communication resource that is truly unique, powerful, interesting, fun and transformative.

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Special Training for Ministers, Clergy and Counselors

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The Relationship Help Resort (also know as The Healing Resort) was created out of extraordinary relational technology. After over 45 years of working with clients who were feeling hopeless, angry, confused, frustrated, resentful and like complete relational failures, I was desperate to understand why relationships fail. Well, I found the answer and out of those answers, I created a relationship and communication technology that transformed my relationships, and thousands of relationships since then. This unique and insightful technology is easy-to-understand and implement, and provides real answers to finding personal and professional insight that directly lead to relational joy, stronger emotional intelligence, and understanding which lead to peace, harmony and happiness. 

 I researched diligently, studied unceasingly, and created a way to help people fall in love once again by understanding the causes of relational destruction and finding solutions. I am the author and architect of an expert set of relational personality tests and insight tools called Primary Colors Personality Insight Tools that have been licensed and used throughout the military, churches, schools, corporations and counseling centers.  The most famous relational researchers in the US have utilized this personality tool for over twenty years with great success. But as I close in on my seventies, I wanted to insure that this incredible information and technology could be used for millions more people who need it.

But how do I help people who give their lives to helping others understand what this technology is and how powerfully effective it has proven to be? I decided to allow ministers, clergy and counselors to attend a spectacular $2,500.00 training at the Relationship Help Resort (see pictures) with their spouses, or co-workers for only $300.


Now you can choose to attend the Relationship Help Resort with Dawn Billings in person, and take advantage of her over forty-five years of experience working with couples to enhance or heal their relationships just as your members will experience. If you would like to experience first hand what attending the Relationship Help Healing Resort is all about with your partner, or co-counselors now is the time to do it. Space is extremely limited as there are only five beautiful suites to choose from. Therefore there are only ten spots (2 people to a suite) during any given training. The training day actually begins the evening before, with dinner and a casual introduction to Dawn Billings and the others attendees where you are able to express your hopes of what you will leave the training day with. After a relaxing evening at the resort, you will wake up to a full day of training. Breakfast and lunch will also be provided.

Any minister, clergy or counselor who would like to attend the day training without staying at the resort is also welcome for only $250 for the full day of training.


You will be introduced to the personality technology and learn a great deal about yourselves and those you care about, as well as get a real introduction to the information that is available to your clients and members at an insanely reasonable price, in the the comfort of their own homes.


Check out:  Relationship Help At Home, a 26 week curriculum designed to help your clients and members gain insight into themselves and their partners, and teach them of the relationship and communication skills they need to improve and breathe new life into their relationships.

for Ministers, Clergy and Counselors

Struggling couple needs help

1. Do you watch people you care about struggle as their marriages are coming apart.

Watching people go through the pain and agony of a troubled marriage or relationship is heart-breaking all around. Now there is another fabulous option in helping people learn more about themselves and those they love as they also learn how to better care for, nurture and feed the marriage they have invested so much time to.

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2. This program is very exclusive and very has very limited spaces available.

Dawn Billings wanted to create a way for pastors, ministers, clergy and counselors to have first hand experience with a life-changing technology that saves marriages. That is why she has opened her Healing Resort for an introduction program so that pastors, ministers, clergy and counselors who understand the power of the program their church could recommend. There are only five suites available which means that five couples are all that can fit for any given training. 

3. Why would Dawn offer a $2,500.00 program to ministers, clergy, pastors and counselors for only $300.00?

Great news spreads like wild fire. As Dawn launches her new Relationship Help at program, she wanted to make a formal introduction of the quality of information that would dramatically impact the lives of members of a church, or clients that could use additional support in between sessions. Dawn believes that ministers, clergy, pastors and counselors  who spend their lives serving the hearts and minds of others deserve an experience like this extraordinary training for pennies on the dollar and once they have experienced this program, they will be adamantly enthusiastic about sharing it with people they care about. This is Dawn's way of marketing this exceptional program in the most elegant and healing way.

This is your opportunity to take yourself out of the normal stressful environment. Give yourselves a fabulous weekend to learn a new way to communicate by understanding your personality tendencies and appreciating what each of you bring to your relationship. How can you expect to communicate lovingly and effectively if you don’t even understand the principles behind great communication. The goal is to “communicate where each partner feels heard and understood." It is better to see it and experience this program than to be told about it's effectiveness.


4. Where do relationship problems come from?

Most of the time relationship problems are not created by a lack of communication, but by communication that is more damaging than it is beneficial. Couples most often are in need of a “new, more positive” way to communicate. Most relationship problems stem from couples continuing to communicate in ways that push each other away, hurt one another’s feelings, demean or belittle one another, frustrate and enrage one another, instead of bringing them closer together.


5. There is no ‘magic pill’ that fixes relationships.

Many issues that bring couples to to their knees are not easily fixed with a magic pill. Healing requires time, effort, heart, compassion and dedication. If betrayal is an issue,  your families are presenting problems, you don’t see eye-to-eye on parenting styles, or your anger has stolen your feelings of passion, you can’t heal these issues overnight. But you can begin the healing process, and get the healing train back on the right track. As human beings we are made to heal. It is one of the miracles of being human. We fall down, break a bone, burn our hand on the stove, cut ourselves with a knife, our bodies are made to begin the healing process. It is in the process that we rebuild even stronger from whatever the break. A couples healing retreat can help you begin the powerful process of healing instead of staying stuck in the cycle of re-inflicting, or enflaming a relational wound.


6. Like all successful games, love has rules.

The rules of love are not there to hinder, burden, or restrict love, they are there to protect,

strengthen and encourage love. Both people in a relationship fare far better when they

know the rules of a game and what actions cause you to win, and what actions are

responsible for losing. At the couple’s retreat there are loving, respectful and protective

ground rules. They are the same rules that protect and strengthen the relationship after

the retreat experience. For example, at the Healing Resort  you find a safe haven where

you are not allowed to physically attack anyone, or even hurt each other with words.

The retreat is not a place where people and relationships are torn apart, but where they

are carefully, lovingly and respectfully put back together. 


7. There’s not one, ideal form of couple’s therapy.

Couples counselors come in every gender, every color, from many different schools of thought and with many different approaches. When you are talking about healing a marriage, or strengthening a relationship, one-size does not fit all. That is why the Relationship Help Resort retreat focuses on each personality and how those personalities best uniquely fit together.

Choose to experience The Healing Resort: This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. It is a gift that Dawn would love to share with those who care for others. Contact us today if you are interested in attending this special training.

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Ministers Counseors


Passionate About Helping Others Heal
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Dawn Billings is the Executive Director of the Relationship Help Resort (The Healing Resort), architect of the highly acclaimed insight and communication tool called Primary Colors Personality Test. Dawn is also the author of over 15 books and hundreds of articles.


Dawn is a relationship, personality and communication expert, helping individuals and couples for over forty years. Dawn is an inventor of patented parenting child-development/communication system called CAPABLES.

In 2008 Dawn Billings was selected as one of the nation’s 80 emerging women leaders by Oprah Magazine and The White House Project, as well as, chosen as one of 15 Women of Achievement by the Cobb County, Georgia, YWCA for her socially dynamic programs and life-long dedication to the benefit of women and children. In 2021 Dawn was awarded the CD Wilson Red Ribbon Award for Power, Excellence and Achievement.


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